October 2016 Glossybox unboxing + mini review

Glossybox is a monthly subscription service where you receive five to six luxury, or full, size items for £10 plus P+P. I joined the subscription on a student discount deal where you can get 30% off your first two boxes, with this month’s box being the second. Carry on reading for my thoughts on the products I received this October.


Bee Good

Honey & Camelina Facial Exfoliator | RRP £10.50

I wasn’t particularly excited to see this in the box, as I’m not a fan of physical exfoliators. However, as it is an all-natural brand, I will be giving it a try and will report back what I think.


Universal Beauty Cosmetics

Secret Flush, Soothing Cream Blusher & Lip Stain Duo | RRP £15

This next product, however seems interesting. This cheek and lip duo is a gorgeous pink colour with golden undertones, reminding me of the infamous NARS’ Orgasm blusher. On the lips, I do think this is slightly more metallic than I would like, but as a lipstick topper I think it will look great. Definitely excited to try this one out.


The Body Shop

Drops of Youth Concentrate | RRP £25

The Body Shop’s serum is also a product I am excited to test out. I’ve been interested in this range for some time but was unsure as to invest or not. I think this sample is a great way to decide if I want to invest in the full-size of this item which claims to soften, smooth and brighten the skin.


Secret Shampoo

This month, Glossybox included a ‘mystery haircare’ item for us to test without any old thoughts influencing our opinions. The product will then be revealed on Estee Lalonde’s blog later in the month. I think this a cool addition to the box, something exciting and different to keep everyone on her toes, although, I must admit, I have read other blog posts and a lot of people have guessed that it is Head & Shoulders. I’m not as bothered by this as some other bloggers are, and I do think that this size is perfect for travelling, so I shall be keeping it for the next time I have to travel.


PS… Pro

Graphic Eyeliner | RRP £3

I’m not sure how I feel about Glossybox including makeup from Primark in the box. I know they have recently released a whole new range of makeup, and some of them are hidden gems, but I’m not particularly interested in it especially since I’m not a regular eyeliner wearer. I’m going to give this a go, and if I don’t like it I’ll give it away to a friend who’ll get more use out of it.


Trifle Cosmetics

Lip Parfait – Buttery Lip Cream | RRP £12.95

I was really excited about this product, but as soon as I removed the plastic seal I lost interest. The packaging is cardboard which I’m not impressed about because it feels so cheap, especially since it retails for £12.95! When applied to the lips, the colour is so light that it literally looks like I applied concealer onto my lips. The only way I can see this being used is on extremely fair skin tones or to lighten a darker lipstick.


All in all, I was very disappointed with this months’ box. This was the second box I’ve received from Glossybox, and I’ve decided to cancel my subscription. I will check the website next month, and if I do see something of interest I might sign up again, but I am very underwhelmed. For £10, I do think this is a great way to try out different products and the experience of receiving a ‘surprise’ every month is definitely exciting. However, as a student I have to be wise in how I spend my money, and I don’t think I want to take the risk of being subscribed to a service where I pay for products that I don’t like and will never use. I would rather spend the £10 buying a product I know I will love. This does not mean I am completely against subscription boxes, but only that I haven’t been overly impressed by this one, and think I might trial Birchbox next.

Have you ever used Glossybox? What do you think about subscription boxes in general? Is there a subscription service you recommend?

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